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Antje ''Zyra'' Michaels

Caerleon Emperors #52 Outside Linebacker
Joined at Draft
Height: 71" | Weight: 235lbs | 0 seasons 

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29 3
Drafted Caerleon Emperors
Season 29 Round 3 Pick 13 [77th] Report
L6 25/75/0 Journeyman


Caerleon Emperors (s29)


Descriptions: Positive Attributes | Negative Attributes
  • Monster Hit [MON] S29 W3
  • Disciplined [DIS] S29 W4
  • Tireless [TIR] S29 W5


29Caerleon Emperors28000002
Career 28000002

Top Performances

1292vs Yorkshire Firebirds8000000Game Report
2293vs Stratford Steelers5000000Game Report
3295vs Salem Witchcraft5000002Game Report
4291vs California Quake4000000Game Report
5299vs Washington Hawks3000000Game Report

All Performances

Playing Time247 mins (Untried, Green-IV), Lvl -0.7
Starter7 Season, 7 Career
Appearances8 Season, 8 Career
4-2-n(c)123 mins (Expert-II), Lvl +0.35
Special TeamsNo Special Teams Experience

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