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Alameda Mustangs #77 Center
Joined at Draft
Height: 72" | Weight: 304lbs | 2 seasons 

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27 2
Drafted Alameda Mustangs
Season 27 Round 2 Pick 10 [42nd] Report
L9 50/40/10 Journeyman


Alameda Mustangs (s27)


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  • Flexible [FLE] S27 W9


27Alameda Mustangs-195-3.805500
Career -226-3.676600

Top Performances

1296vs Moscow Mules-31-3.0011-30Game Report
2279vs Louisianna Saints-41-4.0011-40Game Report
3274vs Mendez Goats-51-5.0011-50Game Report
4273vs Arizona Gunslingers-103-3.3333-20Game Report

All Performances

Playing Time764 mins (Experienced, Average-I), Lvl -0.1
Starter12 Season, 27 Career
Appearances12 Season, 27 Career
I-form34 mins (Average-I), Lvl -0.05
Ace241 mins (Expert-III), Lvl +0.4
Special TeamsNo Special Teams Experience

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